1. Madonna made several changes on her tour outfits and costumes during the years.

    On the first shows of the Virgin Tour, she wore a black sparkly shirt and a colorful pattern skirt. After a few shows, she dropped this outfit in favor of a colorful jacket, a lace top (showing off her bra and her belly) and a purple skirt. It was green on a few dates.

    She started off the Blond Ambition Tour wearing a long ponytail weave. She expressed that it was too long and it got all tangled around her own hands and her microphone, and it was fucking up her hair, so she replaced it with a curly (and shorter) blond hairdo.

    On the Girlie Show, Madonna had blue velvet pants on the second part of the show. Since she visited many places for the first time, like Australia and Brazil, that have really hot weathers, she had to use a purple sequined shorts.

    For the Drowned World Tour, Madonna’s hair seemed to get messier and messier on every show, and she used a plaid kilt, replaced by a skirt with an American flag pattern after September 11th. She also wore a British themed kilt, and a Scottish one.

    On the Reinvention Tour, her beautiful golden Christian Lacroix corset was replaced by an equally beautiful and lilac one on some dates. During ”Papa Don’t Preach”, she used her iconic shirt ”Italians do it Better”, who had some variations depending on the date, such as ”Irish do it Better” and ”Kabbalists do it Better”.

    During the Confessions Tour, Madonna filmed a video for her latest single ”Jump” in Japan. She liked the blond geisha style wig she wore on the video and decided to finish her tour with it.

    On the Old School segment of the Sticky&Sweet Tour, Madonna wore red shorts, replaced by a pink one in Berlin, Lisbon, the 2nd show of Paris and the 1st show of Toronto, and no one knows why. On the 2009 leg, her hair was pretty skanky since the very beginning of the show, and she used a very small red skirt instead of shorts on the Old School segment.

    But any tour had as many costume changes as the MDNA TourShe dropped her tight jeans pants on the Transgression in favor of the tight Redemption pants on the show in Miami, and kept it. On the second part of the Prophecy segment, she replaced a furry sleeve dress by a long sleeve one. On the first dates, during Like a Virgin, all she took off was her white shirt, revealing her back tattoo, ”No Fear”. Madonna is a big teaser, so she started to show a piece of her ass and promise that ”she would take it all off if Obama was re-elected”. He was, and she kept her promise: lucky fans who watched the concert after November 6th got to have a full vision of Madonna’s 54 year old fine ass. When she kept the pants on, her hair was all messy; when she began stripping completely, she kept her hair on the bun. Her back tattoos changed as well, some of the most remarkable ones being Pussy Riot, Obama, Malala, Periguete, and End (Less) on the last show. Her bras changed too. When she returned to stage on ”I’m Addicted”, she wore Converse All Stars, but sometimes she was barefoot. Sometimes, her hair was slightly braided, and in a few dates, simply tied back.

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